Part one of "Living the Supernatural life – Love, Labor and Listen"

The events of the past few days have my head spinning.  Perhaps blogging will help me filter and condense them.  Our wonderful, kind, loving Father God moved one of His saints to deliver a word of encouragement, exhortation, confirmation and direction to my husband as he was dealing with a difficult situation.  The tremendous gratitude that this generated – the supernatural reminder of God’s presence and love for us – birthed a longing in my heart that all of His children would begin to live in this supernatural awareness.  (If the word “supernatural” bothers you, please pray to get over it.  It defines our God – He exists above and beyond this natural world that we temporarily inhabit.)  

Back story:  In June, Ray and I attended a week-long gathering of disciples. As there was a teen week running simultaneously, several of us were there with and because of our children.  Many of us had never met before, and even those of us who knew each other hadn’t been together in years.  A common thread of this group of people is seeking the Lord to change our character to the point that we can sustain and not mishandle our annointings, while extending grace and mercy to each other in the neverending process of being perfected.  Our desire and passion is to see the power and glory of our God manifest in the earth to the end that many are saved.  How wonderful to spend a week with a group of people who have little in common other than loving Jesus more than they love themselves.  

I set the stage for a reason.  The first meeting was to be at 9 a.m..  The night before, we had reconnected with a young couple whose worship team I had been a part of years ago.  When we asked our hosts who would be leading worship in the morning, we were told that there wasn’t any worship planned.  Long story perhaps a little shorter  – we offered and were accepted.

God quickly supplied two others to round out the instrumental needs.  We prayed, compared notes, and selected a handful of possible songs that we could all go with.  There were no projected words, the spirit of each song was quickly caught.  Worship flowed in one heart and one mind – the heart of God and the mind of Christ.  The unity was supernatural.  The musicians provided the background and harmony for what the Lord was bringing forth.  The Holy Spirit moved in all God’s people, as one then another began to sing a thread of a new song.  A song for what God was preparing to do.  (Personally, I was a bit disappointed that it was over so quickly, but after only about 10 or 15 minutes we knew that God’s will had been done for that time.)  

A brief time of prayer followed and some corporate messages were given.  Then a woman stood up and asked permission  to give a personal word of prophecy.  It was for the young couple that I knew.  Now the night before as we were catching up on each others’ lives, I was surprised to hear that this couple was in the process of making a major life change.  They felt called to another state.  They had a vision for what they were supposed to do.  Their house had been on the market for a couple of months already.   The woman who stood up had arrived that morning and had never met any of us.  She was a bit nervous, and her voice was initially shaky, but her strength and confidence grew as she began to speak for the Lord.  The couple – Steve and Amy – stood there, still and impassive, as she told them everything they had told me the night before.  She confirmed their move, their calling, the doors that would open for them…  It was all I could do to keep from laughing when she asked if Amy wrote songs – the second song of the morning had been one that Amy had written.  She told Amy that she was going to write songs that would change people’s hearts.  She finished, the couple quietly thanked her and sat down and the morning proceeded.  At the first break I made a bee-line for this woman.  We exchanged names – hers is Jacki – and I told her that she needed to know how accurate her word had been.  She visibly melted and tears came to her eyes.  She thanked me and told me that she had not brought forth a word of prophecy like that in two years, because she was no longer part of a community where it was encouraged.  Since Steve and Amy hadn’t reacted at all she felt like she had missed it – like she had messed up.  Of course, my next move was to track down Steve and Amy.  They said that it was their habit to stay impassive while receiving prophecy so as not to influence the person giving it one way or another.  It hadn’t occurred to them that Jacki might need affirmation.

Readers, take a minute with me and reflect on your unspoken beliefs about our God.  Remember the passage that was read on Sunday from  I Corinthians.  It has pleased a holy and perfect God to accomplish His will on His earth through flawed and imperfect individuals.  When you see men and women doing great things for the kingdom, do you assume that they have attained some spiritual height that you still aspire to before you are allowed to represent your God?  If so where does that belief come from?  It doesn’t come from the Bible.  When we don’t know the Word of God we are guilty of perpetuating the strategy of the enemy.  We either relegate the work of the ministry to a select few who have attained an elusive something that we are still seeking, or – on the other side of the pendulum – we discount or denigrate the message or work of God because we are distracted by the flaws in the life of the servant He has chosen.  Beloved, if God waited for people who were blameless in the flesh to bring His will to pass…. well, you fill in the blank.  It is Christ in us who makes us blameless before God, nothing else.    

That whole morning stirred my spirit up strongly.  I can replay it in my mind like a movie, and have many times since.  What does it say to you?  There is so much for me to learn from it – I feel like I’m only scratching the surface.  In light of what we heard on Sunday, I will begin with this:  even the most gifted and annointed of us are still flawed, imperfect human beings, who are well aware of our ability to get it wrong.  Here is a key that we will revisit in the future:  it’s all about our response.  This is where the choice lies.  This is the truth from the pulpit Sunday.  Either we continually affirm and confess that we have no good thing that wasn’t given to us through Christ Jesus – not because we earned or deserved it – and stay humble and thankful, OR we forget that truth and are tempted to think of ourselves more highly than we ought which sets us up for a visible fall that discounts our testimony to the world.  

Before I give the wrong impression, this response is not a one time thing.  Sometimes we get it right and sometimes we don’t.  Growth is simply getting it right more and more.  Mercy is what we need from each other when we blow it – as we all will from time to time.  Practical key: as we pursue a closer relationship with Elohim, our awe of Him increases.  We grow in – to use a culturally unpopular phrase whose truth has been stolen from God’s people – the fear of the Lord.  When that happens, our response to His giftings through us to His people is humility, incomprehensible wonder and boundless thanksgiving.  My fervent prayer request is that when I first begin to lose sight of these things my Father would correct me.  Experience has taught that however unpleasant that may be, it only gets worse and more public if I don’t receive it quickly.  My prayer for our church community is that we become known for the grace, mercy and encouragement that we extend to one another as we labor together in the work of the Lord. 

Post script:  We attended a send-off party for Steve and Amy in December.  Their lives continue to unfold as prophesied. Jacki was among the many who received our initial prayer request email for Ray’s mom.  The love she has for us moved her to labor in prayer where she received the prophetic word that I referred to at the beginning of this blog.  Jacki is no different than you or me.  She has simply discovered that the key to hearing from God is to love, labor and listen.  

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