Mission: Possible Month Continues…


Last week Bob kicked off our Mission:Possible series sharing how we do missions locally, regionally, and globally at St. Paul???s.????

This Sunday Beth Stafford from MAAC Charities will share with our community more about their mission.????

The following Sunday, Rev. Joey Pensak from RUF (Reformed University Fellowship @ UConn) will share with our community more about their mission.

About MAAC:??http://www.macc-ct.org/

Manchester Area Conference of Churches, Inc. provides food, clothing, shelter and advocacy for the unmet basic needs of people in our community.???? Established on January 19, 1973 by fourteen area churches, MACC has grown to be the Town of Manchester's primary social services agency. MACC serves resident of the towns of Manchester and Bolton and is the largest private, nonprofit social services agency in the state located East of the Connecticut River. Currently, the conference consists of 32 area churches.?? MACC employs a dedicated staff of professionals and relies on 75-100 volunteers each week fulfill its mission. Every day, 365 days a year MACC provides needed social services to the community.

St. Paul???s is one of the 32 area churches, which partners with MAAC.?? We became a partnering church with MAAC in November 2007, a partnership which continues to this day.?? At our March membership meeting we voted to donate two thousand dollars to support MAAC.?? Beth Stafford, Executive Director of MAAC, will be sharing more about this essential mission with our community this Sunday.

About R.U.F.:??http://www.uconnruf.com/

R.U.F. is a Christian fellowship for the convinced and the unconvinced. Our group is unique in that we are known on campus as a place where skeptics and believers alike are welcomed and challenged to think. We refuse to dodge or minimize tough questions and we long to be a place where Jesus becomes more beautiful and believable to you. Our desire is for both the believer and the skeptic to say of our community, "Where have I ever been loved like this?"

While St. Paul???s has yet to partner with R.U.F, we are looking to explore possibilities of working together in the future.?? R.U.F. is a student ministry committed to involving students in local churches and may fit well with our desire to better serve our student population.?? Joey, an ordained minister in the PCA (Presbyterian Church of America) will be sharing more about this important mission with our community the following Sunday.


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