Open Letter to St. Paul’s

What follows is a letter that I received from Roy Gonzalez, the individual that we work through in Panama.  Roy shares his thoughts on this our Independence Day:

Dear brothers and sisters from Saint Paul Collegiate Church
This morning all you came together Democrats, Republicans and Independents to stand up and say that you are one Nation, you are one people and your time for change has come.
Maybe these few words sound like a politician??s speech but they??re not.
Certainly I tell you that a time to change has come to a little community where you started planting seeds for the future, the future of hundreds of kids that have a new hope, a better future and a bigger smile.
Some years ago God putted in the heart of some people of your church the desire to do a mission trip to a small nation called Panama located in Central America. Your leaders and people were obedient and as result of this first trip we started a relationship between both countries.
You also heard about a suburb called San Miguelito and how bad the evil was doing to people in this community. Then you found that many kids weren??t able to go school because their physical needs obligate them to skip their classes to go down the streets begging for money putting in risk their lives while jumping between cars and buses. Some other little girls were prostituting themselves to get some money to bring back home were an abusive drug addict mother, father, uncle or relative took it to buy more drugs or alcohol instead of food.
Some of these kids little by little were obligated by circumstances to become in ???mules???, drug dealers or simply addicts slaves of the darker power of hell.
When you found such situations your hearts were blended with love and compassion and you started a campaign to rise up funds to provide these kids what they said they were in need of??? food.
When that happened you declared a frontal war against some giants affecting this community: Malnutrition and illiteracy.
Today, a year after the first meal was served I come to you saying that an average of 300 kids per day is out of juvenile delinquency. About 300 kids a day pray at lunch time giving thanks for the generous meal they have in front of them thanks to many people who don??t even know their names or faces. An average of 300 kids hears about God every day and mostly all of them have been saved.
You see, the day has come when you, as citizens of the United States of America, and we as Panamanians has become in one Nation and one people to bring a huge change into the lives of many kids, but more important than that, your time for changing darkness into salvation has also come.
Through the ???tool??? of a meal you have reached the unsaved and brought them into salvation. Their lives will never be the same and their future now offers them a better opportunity.
Today when you celebrate your independence the word freedom brings a new meaning to you as well to these kids.  They have learned that they cannot be consumed by little differences never again such a citizenship or language can be. You as church and these kids are united today as one people.
As your first ancestors you are fighting today for freedom. Not against a tyranny, persecution or oppression but against sin, discourage, lack of hope and annihilation of these kid??s lives because of the risk they were before you responded to what God called to do for them.
You are fighting for their right to live, to exist, and to have the same kind of opportunities everybody have,  and we have to defeat today the devil that is trying to destroy them.
I dream on the day when the independence they won???t be celebrated as a national celebration but as universal when the entire world shout at one accord, at one voice that we are not going to be quiet and indifferent  with the ???night??? many people is living daily.
You have proved that you are able to die spiritually and financially but not without fighting for the good of these kids.
I tell you, these kids are going to live??? these kids are going to survive to the war they have to fight every day in this community thanks to the weapons you provide for them???Opportunity for education and meals.
Today you celebrate your independence day but also have to celebrate the independence day of these kids??? the day when you are conscious that through the cross and Jesus Christ you and these children are free from evilness. Today our only party has the name and flag of our Savior Jesus.
The time has come when we as one people and one nation can say thank you Lord for the provision you give us for the good of all of us.
Dear brothers and sisters on my personal name, our ministry and on behalf of the many children with a better future:  happy Independence Day.
God Bless America!
Roy Gonzalez


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