An Update on the International Christian Fellowship

The following is a note from Ruth Hartunian-Alumbaugh

The University of Connecticut has over 200 special interest groups for students to take advantage of.?? Our entire family (Jon, Ruth, Jonathan, and Rosie) have been a part of one of these groups for over 18 years!?? If you are looking for an opportunity to touch the world, the world is at your back door!
International Christian Fellowship has been on campus for over 25 years now.?? Jon and I were giving to the ministry even before we were married.?? When we married, we decided to serve together in this ministry.?? From administrating to giving someone a ride, to making dessert for 60 people or cooking for a crowd, we have filled almost every shoe there is to fit at ICF!?? Our recent conquests have made us thesis defense junkies!?? And we are so pleased to have our children now along with us for the ride.
We meet with internationals from all over the world.?? We have personally met students from over 35 different countries!?? We are a part of their lives and they ours.?? Some have become family to us.?? Some have lived with us.?? It is a rich opportunity we have at UConn.
Come visit our Friday night gathering any time.?? St. Thomas on North Eagleville Road hosts us.?? We meet for dinner in the lower level at 6:30pm.?? From there, we could do anything from Bible study, special speaking, small group activities, musical concerts, etc.?? If you need more information, let us know.?? We would be happy to provide you with whatever you need.?? Just contact us at jon.ruth.alumbaugh (at) snet (dot) net.??
Ruth R. Hartunian-Alumbaugh, RMT/BC
Ministry Representative for International Christian Fellowship at the
University of Connecticut/Storrs and Eastern Connecticut State University in Willimantic


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