Mission New Orleans

Ray Saves the Day

Our first day working in New Orleans was quite eventful.  Kathy, Kaylee and I were installing insulation in a man???s house who couldn???t quite understand why we were helping him.  He had recently given up on his home altogether.

Katrina was not the only disaster here.  But insurance companies, unscrupulous contractors and just plain theft had left many hopeless.

But through a series of very favorable and fortunate circumstances this man had come to believe he might be able to live in his home again after five years of living in a FEMA trailer.  He was so moved by strangers helping him he offered what he could.  That would be all the fish he caught this morning???some two dozen fish.

Only one problem.  Incredibly out of a group of forty people, no one knew how to clean the fish.  Then Ray Riddell stepped in and saved the day.   He and Kaylee cleaned the fish???teaching several others how to do it.

Stay tuned for tomorrow???s exploits???



One Comment on “Mission New Orleans”

  1. Jessica Nissen says:

    YAY Ray!!!! Though, you don’t look like you’re enjoying that too much. LOL

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