Mission New Orleans

The last couple of days have been very labor intensive. Vince, Bob and Pat spent Tuesday at the Habitat House.  This house is new construction and we spent the better part of yesterday putting siding on the house and shingling the roof.  Jeanne continued the shingling efforts today.  No, Brad Pitt did not show up, however good progrees was made on the house.  Ray continued his work on the handicap ramp at another local church.  Kaylee and Kathy moved forward with the sheetrocking and insulation of Wellinton Brown’s house.  Massive progress is being made all around and lives are being touched.  We are meeting nre people and making new friends.

It hasn’t been all work and no play however.  Ray and Kathy and Kaylee have found time to visit with family while down here. Vince, Jeanne, Pat & Bob went out to dinner with a number of new friends and with someone whose home Pat and Bob had worked on in past trips.  The food was good, the Hurricanes were better.  A great night of fun, food and fellowship.  One more day and then home.  See everyone on Sunday.


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