Mision New Orleans


The following are the thoughts of the youngest member of our New Orleans team, Kaylee Yacono:

I GOT TO MUD TODAY! My mom & me continued working at the house we???ve been at this week along with the whole St. Paul team except Pat and Ray. Our team almost finished the living room ceiling and we were close to finishing the mudding in the bedrooms. The homeowner was really nice and everyone was really helpful and I learned a lot about home renovation. I learned how to use a screw gun, a drill, how to do insulation, how to mud and a bunch of other stuff. I also learned a lot off the job too. I won???t elaborate but New Orleans is very interesting and don???t trust the street venders! But you really don???t realize how much the after shocks of Katrina still hurt this city until you hear these peoples stories and look through the outskirts of the city. But God has helped these people so much. I am thankful that God kept us safe during the trip and gave us the strength to do the work we did and helped us as much as He did. He really blessed us & I couldn???t ask for more other than to stay longer or do this again on the March trip. May The Lord be with you and see you soon!!

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