Mark Santostefano Will Be Preaching in January

A note from Vince:

For the first few weeks of January, Mark Santostefano from the worship center will be guest preaching. ??Mark will be preaching a three week series on worship. ??Mark has become a dear friend and I???m sure you???ll enjoy hearing from this gifted, passionate teacher of God???s word. ??I???m sorry I???ll be missing it!


The Basics of the Consulting Process

On Sunday January 23rd, the Malphurs group will be coming to our services and explaining HOW the process of discerning our identity and mission will proceed. ??If you???d like to get an idea of the process BEFORE they come, you can. ??

Aubrey Malphurs has written a book called Nut and Bolts: ??What They Don???t Teach Pastors at Seminary. ??

In this book, Aubrey gives an overview of the process they use. ??And while he???s definitely tinkered with the process since the writing of this book, Aubrey suggested that reading this book would be a great introduction to the process we???ll be going through together.

The Malphurs Group Is Coming to St. Paul’s

A note from Vince:

We???ve been talking about going through a process to discern our identity and mission together for some time. ??And at our last membership meeting (12/8/10) the board recommended a consultant to lead the process and the members approved. ??So we now know WHO will be leading us through this important process: the Malphurs Group.

You can learn more about WHO the Malphurs group is by clicking on this link here.

But HOW will the process proceed? ??Well, on Sunday January 23rd, the Malphurs group will be coming to our services and explaining the HOW of the process to the entire congregation. ??That???s a Sunday you won???t want to miss!

Membership Renewal

A note from Vince:

Throughout the month of January we???ll be renewing our membership together as a community. ??

Each Sunday in January we???ll have our membership documents (Statement of Faith, Community Life Statement, Membership Covenant) available at the services. ??If you are interested in renewing your membership at St. Paul???s please sign and date the documents and put them in the offering.

On Sunday January 30th we will publicly renew and re-consecrate the St. Paul???s membership for the New Year.

Taking Down the Greens 1/8/11

A note from Vince: We did a great job decorating the Church for Christmas. ??Now it???s time to take those decorations down. ??We???ll be taking down the greens Saturday, January 8th from 9am to noon.

Because we did such a great job last year putting away the decorations, setting up this year was easy. ??Let???s do the same. ??We will need about 10 to 15 volunteers.

If you would like to sign up, please contact Nick Santostefano: nickjsanto (at) gmail (dot) com