Why You Don’t Want to Miss the Next Second Sunday Supper

A Post by Emily Dolan

There is something about food that brings people together. Looking back, some of my best conversations have been had over coffee and some of my closest relationships have been built over dinner.

Our Second Sunday Supper in November was a much-needed reminder of the relational power of food and the spiritual power of relationships. Thanks to the hard work and culinary skills of Brad and Cathy Wright, Ed and Julie Cyzewski, Brandon and Judy Hawk, Jeff and Emma Liddle, Ishmael and Larisa Smyrnow, Chris and Amy Hale-Smith, Todd Robinson, Zara Rix, and Jen Brown, the upstairs room was transformed into a dinner buffet where there was standing-room-only as people chatted and lingered over food and coffee.

With two different services and so many tasks that need to get done before, during, and after each service, I rarely get the opportunity to sit and talk with people. And the more the tasks pile up, the more I begin to wonder, ???Why do we even bother? What is all this work really for???? Being surrounded by so many people talking, laughing, and genuinely enjoying each other???s company reminded me why church matters and what church is really meant to be: a group of people who love God and love each other.

So because church is about community and community is about building relationships, I hope the Second Sunday Supper becomes a regular tradition at St. Paul???s that we all take part in and all look forward to.??

If you enjoyed it as much as I did and are interested in helping with set-up/clean-up for our next Second Sunday Supper (January 9th), please e-mail me at egdolan (at) gmail (dot) com and let me know.



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