A special thanks

The past two Sunday services – Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday – were quite a dramatic departure from our norm – if you will pardon the intentional pun. They were powerful and impacting, but some people may be unaware of the hours of time and effort that went in to making them possible. God has blessed St Paul’s with so many people who have tremendous talents and abilities. It is always a blessing when those talents and abilities are recognized as God-given, and offered back to Him freely in service. As one of the “actors” in last Sunday’s dramatic presentation, I was privileged to have a first-hand look at many of those offerings being made.
So many individuals freely offered up hours of their personal time – from the writers, to the actors, to the indispensable technicians hidden away in the sound booth… To me, however, one person stands out. The past two Sunday’s presentations would not have been possible without the vision, passion and personal sacrifice of my friend, Judy Buch. Judy is one of the busiest people I’ve ever met – as her passport and frequent flyer miles attest. Despite her packed schedule, Judy offered up precious hours of her time to personally coach and work with every one of us. Her advice and experience were a tremendous blessing to me, and I’m sure to everyone else who had the privilege of working with her. I love and appreciate her very much. I wanted to be sure that my church community – St. Paul’s – knew and recognized what a treasure she is. Thank you Judy, and God bless you for your service to Him and to St. Paul’s.


One Comment on “A special thanks”

  1. Bob Jeram says:

    Judy we love and appreciate you and all who gave of their time and abilities to make the past two weeks happen.

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