Meet Our Mission Partners in Panama

This Sunday, May 22nd the message will be delivered by our Mission Partners in Panama, Roy Gonzalez and Irene Chang.  You will be blessed by the message that they will share.

We have been working in Panama with Roy and Irene and the ministry (Go Ministries) that they are a part of since 2007.  Irene was born in Panama and currently works for the Panamanian equivalent of the social Security Administration.  Her family founded Go Ministries several years ago to provide ministry opportunities to the youth of her country.  Irene serves as an interpreter for us during our stays in her country.

Roy was born in Costa Rica but now lives in Panama City.  He was somewhat of a child prodigy musically and served as Conductor of the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica at an early age.  Following that experience he worked as a personal assistant to Billy Graham with responsibility for coordinating the Billy Graham Crusades around the globe.  It was through that experience that he has established the many ministry contacts that he has around the world.  Roy coordinates all of our trips to Panama and also serves as our interpreter.  He has the most gentle Spirit of anyone that I know.  God has blessed our community through and with these people and I hope that you will take the opportunity to meet and speak with them on Sunday.  


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