A Dream, Some Humor, and an Introduction.

By Ruth Hartunian-Alumbaugh

     My friend and I were visiting this lavish household.  We were transporting a mattress for a bed on a bicycle and pedaling up a hill.  We were invited in to this lavish house nearby, left, and came back because of some bad conditions outside.  I am not sure I can clearly remember what the bad conditions outside were!

    We left the gathering because it was getting dark.  We had to descend a steep, craggy rock face to get to the road.  At the road, was a car with the driver door open and parked funny. Someone was in it, monitoring our moves.  We pushed and pedaled our bike as hard as we could because we felt uncomfortable with him watching us.  He was also talking into a phone/communication device as we moved.

    We pushed and pushed; he followed us.  Then, he captured us and took us to this beach house association.  As we stood before a crowd there, I said, “This is God’s will for us!”  My friend looked at me incredulously and said, “I don’t think so!”

    We were both scared.  But we were surprised when the gathering became a surprise party, complete with gourmet foods!  I remember hugging John Lennon, thanking him for the event!  I was so grateful to him.  I remember eating Chinese noodles, too!

    Can’t remember more than that…

    The account above is one of many dreams that I thought I would use to introduce myself. I also thought it would get your attention.  I hope it worked!

    Perhaps you’ll be interested to know that I am going to blog once in a while for St. Paul’s.  Through this, we’ll take a little time to get to know one another. Through this, you will learn that my dreams are pretty strange, that I have a sense of humor, and that I like to be creative. 

    More importantly, I hope to provide an occasional installation here that will open doors and windows for what God has for you and me.  It may look a little “strange” at times.  Maybe even shocking or crazy.  But please don’t size me up by what my dreams are like: I really love the Lord with all my heart!  I believe He speaks in mysterious ways, but also that He is very clear in how He does that! 

    My take-away from this dream?  I think the God-of-the-Universe knew I needed a good laugh!



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