I was recently at a large gathering of people who call themselves “worship leaders.” I never really liked that title. In fact, I kind of don’t like titles in general. But I digress.

During this gathering, I was struggling with thoughts about children and the choices they make. I considered my own children, Jonathan who is 16 and Rosie who is 13. At times, I find myself feeling pretty impotent as far as contributing to their growth and development in all the areas that make up their lives: physical, social, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and so on.

Now, I couldn’t even tell you what song “ticked” the deposit off but I felt the Lord dump a huge message into my spirit that just caused me to well up with tears. I felt so grateful. It was only 4 words (5 for those of you who would count “I’m” as a contraction) but they left me feeling more hopeful rather than hopeless.

“I’m not done yet.”

Yes, that’s it. The thoughts flooded my mind and heart.

What if God said, “Ok, I am giving you all that you need now. When you are through going through all the resources I’ve given you, you are done. That’s it. I have nothing more to give you and nothing more I can do in and through you.”

Or perhaps, “Well, today I decided that you are as far as you will ever get in this life spiritually let alone in every other way. So, see ya!”

Wouldn’t that be devastating? But instead, the Lord says, “I’m not done yet.” There is such hope in those words. It means that He is still working! It means He hasn’t given up! It means that in our broken world, He still has plans and things He wants to and even needs to do! I am so excited about that!

So, instead of feeling hopeless about the things that concern me, the God of this Universe tells me He’s not done yet. And I find that so dichotomous, especially since, at one time in history, He said, “It is finished.”

Ruth R. Hartunian-Alumbaugh

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