New Saturday Recreation Group!


This summer we will have a recreation group that meets on Saturdays to play outdoor games and occasionally grill food together. Here’s what you need to know:

 When: Every Saturday at 3pm (this may change if another time works better)

Where: Meeting at St. Paul’s, sometimes driving together to nearby athletic fields

What: Assorted games including ultimate Frisbee, wiffle ball, volleyball, bocce ball, etc and a cookout

We encourage everyone to come and play, to invite others, and bring your friends! It is not a traditional “small group,” but you can still sign up through the website or just get in touch with Troy Helming, Jason Riddell, or myself. Feel free to just show up, but if you are planning on coming it would be helpful to know so that we can plan accordingly as far as food goes.

So join us this Saturday, June 11th, at 3pm for Ultimate Frisbee and a cookout afterward. Hope to see you there!

Jeff Liddle


One Comment on “New Saturday Recreation Group!”

  1. Jeffrey Liddle says:

    Update: Due to rain we will reschedule our first rec group meeting to be on June 18th. Come and join us!

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