FPU: Savings

I first started saving regularly after going through Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University a few years ago. I don’t really like saving. I’d rather give money or spend it. But as a result of FPU a few years ago, I started being intentional about savings.

And I started saving just in time. Experience has taught me well. We save today for tomorrow’s troubles. My car has taught me that. 

Two and a half years ago my car died. It was a 99 Honda Civic. It had 145,000 miles on it. I was planning on keeping it till 200,000 miles and was saving up for a new car. Unfortunately, my car never made it to 200,000. It died of a mysterious aliment. The mechanics had no idea what the trouble was. So I had to buy another car years before I thought I’d need to. That’s why you save in advance. You never know. 

Last week I was in a car accident (a minor fender bender in a parking lot). So this month I’m out 500 extra dollars (my deductable). I was not planning on getting into an accident this month. That’s why you save in advance. You never know.

Jesus says:  In this world you will have trouble. He’s right. That’s why we save. We make provisions today for tomorrow’s troubles. God’s word has taught me that. My car troubles have confirmed this teaching.


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