Faith and the Senses: Question #1

I asked five questions as a result of my 42 days around the world trip a little while back.  Looking at these questions, I realize I am now asking myself how I could ever fully know the answers to all those questions!  Nevertheless, I wrote that I would have five installments and, by golly, I will.  You may not like what you read but that’s okay.  Here was the first question;

How did God decide where I should be born? Why was it in Cudahy, WI. and not somewhere in another country where I would work in a field, bare-footed, fully clothed, and in the hot eqatorial sun picking tea leaves for a possible $2 a day?

This question is absolutely impossible to answer.  No doubt about it.  I would have to second guess God and I know I can’t even come close to unpacking His plans for me (or you, for that matter!).  But I do know, based on the Bible (which I believe to be true) that He knew from the beginning of time that I would be born in Cudahy, Wisconsin to a household of Armenians, go to school, work in a psychiatric hospital, grieve pregnancies that never resulted in my arms being full of who I dreamed about, that I would marry Jon Victor (after I thought all men were pond scum), and that I would actually take a trip around the world.  He (God) chose my destiny from the beginning and offered me the opportunity to have a REAL relationship with Him.

In that way, I am no different than anyone else; the ladies picking tea leaves have just as much an opportunity to know the God of the Universe for REAL.  God offers that to all of us.  And for this, I am eternally grateful.


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