Free TV and Laptop (from Kim Mauger and Ashley Werth!)

Hi friends,

As you know Ashley Werth and I are moving to Boston in 2 weeks.  We have to be out of our present apt. by Friday Sept. 30th at noon so we are trying to get rid of a few things.  We have a 32″ Sanyo TV with an RCA external satellite.  It works fine.  The other dimensions are: 26 3/4″ height, 35″ width, 21″ depth.

I have a 2002 Dell Inspiron 2650 Laptop with Windows XP and a Linksys wireless card.  It has had a new hard drive installed two years ago and since that time only Word was used.  I will take the computer to Best Buy and have the Geek Squad totally wipe out the hard drive before I give it away.

Please send me an email if you are interested in either of these things. 

Take care,

Kimberley Mauger


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