Evan Rummell Update

This is a post from Evan Rummell.?? He was one of our original members of St. Paul's way back in 2005.?? This is what he's been up to…
Since my trip to Uganda during the summer of 2009, the idea of missions and integrating that into my lifestyle has been a huge conviction of mine. After only three months of being back home, I packed up my things and moved from Connecticut to New Jersey to pursue a position with Touch the World Ministries in charge of global media development. My role there would consist of traveling to the various international branches of TTW capturing stories of success, as well as stories of people in need, to bring back home. The goal for myself was to never exploit what was going on through media but rather just capture the essence of everyday life to show people where they could fit into that.
Making this move and transition in my life was one of the hardest things I've done and certainly has stretched me further than I had imagined. My main responsibility with Touch the World, aside from media development, is to support raise for my staff salary. Every dollar that I need to continue my ministry work comes from friends, families, and local churches. Stepping out in faith, knowing and expecting God to provide, has been the most rewarding and difficult part for me. But in the end, God has completely blown away my expectations. Multiple times, I have come down to the last minute for a financial deadline, either raising enough for a monthly budget or even a trips budget, and seen God work through specific people who provide financial gifts for me. With each instance like these that happen, I am more and more confident in my role at Touch the World and convinced it is where God wants me for this season of my life.
I spent three months in Uganda this past summer (2011) filming and living in the village of Adak, located 23km southeast of Gulu, and returned back home to the states rocked. Village life was much more difficult than I thought it would be but the stories I heard everyday were what wrecked me emotionally.
"My brother was tied to a tree and executed."
"My husband died last year and now I have to provide for 19 of my children and grandchildren alone.."
"My husband was beaten, I was bayoneted, my two sons and daughter were executed, my remaining son has AIDS, two of my grandchildren have sickle cell disease, one grandchild has epilepsy, and my remaining daughter has burns and scars all over her body from the rebels."
Each day, I visited 2-3 families and documented their stories. But with each family, I left more and more brokenhearted with a deep feeling of helplessness. But it was in this period that I began to see just how powerful a visit to them was. How powerful a prayer was. How powerful listening and loving them was.
By just opening up in prayer with them, God moved through me, speaking the words that were needed and sometimes answering the groans and prayers of the people in my midst. By simply being obedient and open to what was asked of me, I became a vessel for His Holy Spirit to work through and there I saw the true power of prayer and community.
Philippians 1 speaks of living a life worthy of the gospel, being unashamed of what brings us joy. Knowing that to live is Christ and to die is gain. This chapter was all I read for the summer. God had me fixated on it and for a reason. I live my life in America with the notion that simply going to church is enough. But God has the intention of revealing to me that it's not.
Sharing my life and its story with people. Being a light in the darkness of this world. Living a life worthy of the gospel.
That's God's intention for us.
God did not call us to debate with people over our faith, to shove it down their throats until they believed. No He called us to be lights in this world. He called us to go and share with the world. For some that means sharing in our neighborhoods and backyards. For others, that means China. Afghanistan. Turkey. Germany. Uganda.
But at the end of the day, if you aren't sharing with people why you are different. Why you are changed. Why you are happy, you're doing them a disservice as well as yourself.
God calls us to go. Just go. He did it in my life and my biggest regret will be if I don't listen. My challenge to you is to never turn your ear from that calling. Because for me, I would've missed out on the last two years of my life, the last two years that has shaped and molded me into the Christian I am today. The Christian that is willing to share with any and all why I am happy and different. Willing to risk financial struggle and lifestyle hardship for His name and His renown.
What does that look like for you? Will you turn your ears to Him and join me in the greatest calling we can ever be a part of?

One Comment on “Evan Rummell Update”

  1. Bob Jeram says:

    Great post, Evan. Thanks for your faithfulness to the call.

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