New Logo

For the past several months the Communications Team has been working on a new logo for our church. Here it is.


Let me share with you the process we went through to arrive at this new logo.

Our members picked the name. We officially changed our name from St. Paul’s Collegiate Church to St. Paul’s Church at our September Membership Meeting. It’s more of a tweak than a change. But our members wanted to both affirm our history (St. Paul’s) and signal a break from the past (dropping Collegiate – which confused people). Our members picked our new name.

Ruth and Vince from the Communications Team picked the color: Green. Why green? It’s not red (old colors). It’s not blue (UConn’s colors). Our new color signifies a break with the past and an identity broader than just UConn. Also, green is an organic color signifying growth and happens to be Ruth and Vince’s favorite color.

Kate from the Communications Team picked the acorn. Why the acorn? The acorn is an oak nut. From the tiny acorn emerges the majestic oak. It takes a long time for an oak to mature but everything the oak needs to mature is contained in the tiny acorn. And once Kate presented this concept, we all thought this was an excellent metaphor for our church.

Ken from the Communications Team suggested a cross. Why the cross? It’s the symbol of our Christian faith. The cross marks the acorn, just as the cross marks us.

And finally, Ishmael and Emma from the Communications Team worked with the font, the layout, the size and the appearance of the logo.

Our new logo took several months to complete. But it’s finally here. And we’re quite proud of it. And I’m quite proud of our team. This logo came about through our Communications Team collaborating together – each member making unique contributions.


2 Comments on “New Logo”

  1. Pamela Riddell says:

    Outstanding job everyone! I love it. At the conference that Ray and I were at recently we heard Bill Johnson say, "Sometimes when you ask God for an oak tree, He gives you an acorn." The potential is there, but the process is important.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I love this logo. I look forward to "using" it as a springboard for the new things that God will do in our midst. And I look forward….because I can.

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