Survey Results.

The last two Sundays we surveyed our congregation about changing service times.  The Weekend Service Team felt it would be a good idea to switch from 5pm to 4pm.  But we wanted to know what you thought.  So we did the survey.

Here are the results.  The vast majority (84%) are OK with the change.  

Most of you don’t care what time we meet (51%).  Thanks for being flexible!

The next largest group likes the change (33% a lot better & somewhat better).  Thanks for being patient! 

The last group doesn’t like the change ( 16% somewhat worse + a lot worse responses).  Thanks for being understanding—we don’t always get what we want in community! 

But the vast majority either doesn’t care or likes the change.  So we’re making the change–a new time in the new year. 

Starting January 1st we’ll be going to a 4pm Sunday Service. 


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