Sunday’s Worship Set – 1/29/12

Hey everyone!

This is a new blog series I will be posting weekly listing the songs we as a worship team played the previous Sunday. ??I will try to have the blog up the following Monday or Tuesday. ??If I can find Youtube clips of the songs, I will post those as well! ??My hope is that this will educate you all on new songs we are introducing as well as answer any questions you might have about what songs we played and who they were by. ??Enjoy!

Your Grace is Enough – Chris Tomlin

Blessed Be Your Name – Matt Redman

Breathe – Vineyard Music (music video by Michael W Smith)

Holy and Anointed One – John Barnett (music video by Brian Doerksen)

All We Need – Charlie Hall??

O Praise Him – David Crowder

When Prayer Doesn???t Work: Part One.

Sunday we learned that God says:  Ask me.  Pray. Prayer works. God loves to give.  And that is absolutely true.

But if we’re honest, let’s admit sometimes prayer doesn’t work.  That’s true too. This shouldn’t discourage us from prayer because God tells us why sometimes our prayers don’t get answered.

This week I’ll post on three ways our prayers can be hindered. And they’re not my reasons. It’s not what I say; it’s what God says in his word.

But let’s remember: prayer works.  This is the first and last word on prayer. I think we need to accept this teaching from Jesus in faith. This is not the only word on prayer.  But it is the most important. Prayer works. God says it. And we can testify to this truth from our lives.

Testimonies Welcome!

In our current series, we’re looking at what God says to our church right now.  On Sunday, we saw that God says to St. Paul’s Church:  Ask me!  And we heard many testimonies from people who have asked and received good things from the Lord.

Next Sunday’s message is Test Me!  God asks us to test him with our finances—to give them over to Him and trust He will provide.

The following Sunday’s message is Share Me!  God asks us to share him with our families, friends, and neighbors— and believe that God wants them to know him too.

And I’m inviting you to share your testimonies those Sundays as well.  Many of us can testify to the faithfulness of God regarding our finances.  You’ll have an opportunity to do that.  And many of us can testify to the power of God regarding our witness.  You’ll have an opportunity to do that as well.

So for the next few weeks, I’m inviting you to share your testimonies in our service.  We won’t do this every Sunday.  But we are doing it for the next two Sundays.  God is good; let’s take this time to testify as a community to this reality.

This Week at St. Paul’s!

Here’s something new: I’m going to start posting weeky church happenings on our blog, in case you missed the announcement on Sunday, or in case you are a forgetful person and need the reminder.

This week:

  • Small Groups Begin! If you didn’t get the handout on Sunday, you can check out our Small Group section on our website for a list of options, or email us.
  • Wednesday Night Worship! Nick Santostefano will be leading our Wednesday Night Worship, where we will pray for our church and one another, and where we will worship God.
  • Spring Break Missions Trip! We’re teaming up with LutheransCARE to serve in New Orleans March 17-23rd. Let Bob Jeram know you’re going by February 19th.

Have a blessed week, everyone, and we hope to see you on Wednesday for Prayer and Worship!

Mission: New Orleans.

St Pauls Church will bejoining our friends at Lutherans CARE for their last trip to NewOrleans in order to help restore houses damaged by Hurricane Katrina in2005.  We will be be leaving for New Orleans on Saturday, March 17th andreturning home on Friday, March 23rd. 

While in New Orleans, we will bestaying at St. John’s Lutheran Church on Canal Street.  There will beopportunites to visit Bourbon Street and the French Quarter. The costof this trip is $50 plus the cost of transportation. 

Since space islimited, interested parties should sign up with Bob Jeram by Sunday,February 19th.