Mexico, Day One.

DAY 1 – Friday, January 6, 2012

Judy, Pat, Bob and I decided to fly to Mexico City a day early because the flights were less expensive.  In fact the difference in fares was sufficient to cover the hotel in Mexico City.  So we headed to Bradley in one car, four of us and twelve pieces of luggage.  Fortunately it is a short drive.  Flights were on time and pleasant enough. 

Getting a taxi from the airport to the Gran Hotel was quite an adventure.  Remember the four people and twelve pieces of luggage.  Cesar (our driver) was very nice and delivered us to the hotel around 11pm.

When we entered the hotel all we could say was WOW!  Elegance is not a sufficient term to describe the lobby and the rooms.  We are really glad we took the extra day!

We linked up with Roy and Irene Gonzales, who had arrived from Panama earlier in the day.

The hotel was a block away from the central square in Mexico City.  The square is bordered by the presidential palace on one side, the city hall on another, and a national cathedral on a third side.  We arrived on Three Kings day, and the square was the center of a major celebration that was winding down as we arrived.  We were still able to see the huge Christmas tree and the ice skating ring ala Rockefeller Plaza.


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