Mexico, Day Two.

DAY 2 – Saturday, January 7, 2012

Another Message from Ken Buch. 

On Saturday, we had time to do a little sight-seeing before heading back to the airport to meet Pastor Vince, Jean Mullaney, Pam Riddel and Emma and Jeff Liddle.  Then we embarked on another adventure: getting the eleven folks and a mountain of luggage to the bus station.

The bus ride from Mexico City to Tuxpan takes six hours.  We rode on the most luxurious bus I have ever seen.  I could not even hear the engine.  It was as if we were gliding along the highway in overstuffed recliner chairs.  The route took us through mountains with lots of curves, and we could see some steep cliffs in spite of the darkness.  

We arrived in Tuxpan on schedule at 11PM, where we were met by Diana, Mirna, Juan Carlos and Juan’s wife- to- be Karen.  On the drive to Diana and Mirna’s home, Juan related the inspiring story about the 15 passenger van in which we were riding.  Juan deals in used cars for a living and he discovered the van which he wanted to purchase specifically for our visit.  Unfortunately, he did not have the proper permit to purchase a large van.  He had a friend who possessed such a permit but he could not get in touch with him until the next day by which the van had been sold.  A few days later Juan felt in his heart that he should try again and to his surprise, the van was back up for sale only this time the price had been reduced from $2500 to $1500!  Juan was able to contact his friend and the van was his…ours!  Juan was convinced, as were we, that it was definitely divine intervention that provided our needed transportation.

Diana and Mirna treated us to a Three Kings bread ring and hot chocolate before we bedded down for the night.


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