Some Observations: a Message from Mexico.

From Ken Buch.

During the morning shopping we were impressed with friendliness with which we were greeted everywhere.  We needed to buy a cable to connect the computer to a church sound system.  The first store we visited did not have the cable, but the manager gave us directions to another store.  We had just left the store when the manager came out and walked with us two blocks to the next store.  

After shopping, we stopped at a small sandwich shop.  It is usually “take out only” but the owner invited us to wait in her living room while the sandwiches were being prepared and then insisted that we stay and eat in the comfort of her home.

We had time to stop at an orphanage on the way home.  It was interesting to watch the children interact with us and each other.  All seven of the children had been abandoned, and when they first arrived at the orphanage their interactive skills were what you would expect from a child who was in survival mode in a cruel world.  They had only aggressiveness and violence as a way to live.  But when a new young child with brain damage was brought to the home, the other children treated him with compassion and soon learned to treat each other the same way.  So what we observed was a group of happy, playful children, all eager to meet us.


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