Tuxpan, Mexico, Day 9.

A Message from Bob Jeram.

January 14, 2012.

This was it, the day that all the hard work and preparation would come together – or not.  For the past three days we have been working with a team from Sion Church here in Tuxpan.  They have been interested in learning how to reach out with the Gospel message through the use of the creative arts. 
We have designed a program totally in Spanish, using puppets, ventriloquism, and dowels rods that will be performed this morning for the Sion community. They have a children’s Sunday School (on Saturday morning) that is targeted at reaching the un-churched families in their community. 

Sion is what I would call a very conservative Pentecostal church.  Their Pastor, Marco Bistante, is very conservative in his choice on music and in who he lets address his church community.  We met him this past Monday and he said that it was our initial conversation on the beach that convinced him to let us work with his team at Sion.  He objected to the music that we used to perform some of our pieces (too much rock and roll influence)  and he objected to our use of black light (too dark in the church).  All of these objections were eventually overcome and the performance went on. 

So, here we are on Saturday morning, waiting for God to move in mighty ways.  Well, He showed up in a big way!  The church was filled, the performance was almost flawless and the impact was significant. Fifteen children came forward that morning to meet Christ for the first time.

One of the values that we have as a mission outreach is empowerment.  We seek to empower the local church to do mission on their own.  We will train them and lend our talents where needed; but our desire is to have the program that they present be theirs. 

For this particular program everything was performed in Spanish by the local church.  They were assisted by Judy and Irene (from Panama).  Other than that, everything from the sound to the invitation to receive Christ was a Sion produced event. 

This church has been empowered to reach out with the Gospel through the use of creative arts.  Long after we leave they will be able to use the arts to reach their community and the surrounding areas.  Praise God!  Praise God, for working mightily in us and through us this week.


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