Final Words from Mexico…

A Post from Ken Buch.

Saturday was a day of varied activities.  We began the day with a van tour of some of the poorest neighborhoods in Tuxpan.  As we drove around we happened to drive by one of the churches that was involved in our work.  As we drove slowly by, the pastor’s wife recognized our van and waved for us to stop.  She invited us in for a tour and related the details of their 12 year history.  To say the church was a  “bare minimum building” is an overstatement.  We were moved to tears as she told of us their struggles trying to make a difference in their neighborhood.  As we drove away we all agreed that the visit was not a “random occurrence”.

Next on the agenda was a boat ride to Camp Kikomar.  The boat was maybe 16’ long and had a couple of plastic chairs to supplement the two rows of seats.  In spite of our initial trepidation, nine of us boarded the boat and the local fisherman took us on an hour long ride along the islands.  We took many photos of the birds.

Lunch at Kikomar and then time for some beach strolling and a dip in the Gulf of Mexico.

Back in Tuxpan, some took naps while the rest of us took another van tour of Tuxpan, this time into the wealthier neighborhoods.  What a difference from the neighborhoods we saw in the morning.  The tour ended at the center of town where we witnessed a festival including dancers in very ornate costumes demonstrating local historical dances.

One last dinner in Tuxpan  cooked by Patty and her sisters and daughters.  Since we did not need to go to the bus station until 11pm, the rest of the evening was filled with chatter and laughter as we recounted the two weeks of activities.

Good byes at the bus station were very emotional.  We certainly have made many close friends and many lives, including ours, have been profoundly affected.  Six hour bus ride was uneventful, the busses were nice but not as luxurious as the ones we took on our way in to Tuxpan.

Arrival at the Mexico City bus station began the early morning “chaos”.  The chore was to move eight passengers and a mountain of luggage from the bus station to two different terminals at the airport.  Some quick good byes then off to the airport.  Judy and I were in one taxi and the ride was very similar to a taxi ride in NYC including our inability to converse with the driver.  I had a great time on that ride in spite of the brief moment of concern when the driver suddenly took a detour down some very narrow and dark side streets.  I half expected to be ordered to” get out and give me your money!”

We arrived at the airport intentionally early so we had plenty of time to get to our flights which were on time and uneventful.  Home about 1am Monday after retrieving Lucy from our daughter’s home in Bristol.  Glad to be back in our own beds and bathrooms!


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