Last Night???s Meeting.

At our Membership Meeting Wednesday we reviewed our new proposed bylaws.  After much discussion, we decided not to approve them as written.  There were several suggested edits our members made.  And so we’ll present the bylaws again incorporating suggested edits at our next Membership Meeting.

I was very pleased with the outcome for two reasons.  First, our members took this process seriously.  They were prepared, informed, and engaged.  This will be a big step forward for our church and it’s important for our members to be involved.  (And they were).  Second, our members made excellent suggestions for improvement.  Our Board and Membership Officers have been working on this for five months.  We’re a bit tired of the bylaws.  So it was great to have people engage them with fresh eyes and make excellent suggestions.

For St. Paul’s Church to move forward, we need an empowered pastor, an empowered board and an empowered membership. We need to define these roles and then empower people to fulfill them.  And we’re getting there with a healthy process. 

Congregationalism is the slowest form of church governance. It takes patience. But patience is a fruit of the Spirit—a mark of Christian maturity. We are forming the basis for our church for many years to come. And we are being spiritually formed through the process. It’s a win/win.      



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