God Says: "Share Me": For Small Groups

Some of our small groups will be reviewing and applying Sunday’s message each week in their study and discussion. This blog is for them. But even if your group is studying something else, you may want to ask yourselves these questions for your own benefit. This blog is for you, too. 

Sermon Recap: God says: “Share Me.  I have set before you an open door. I am giving you opportunities to share your faith with people around you.”  

Here are three suggested Application Related questions: 

Question One:  Have you ever taken an opportunity to share your faith with someone?  Share with your group.

Question Two: What open doors are before you right now?  Share with your group. 

Question Three:  On Sunday we learned of three open doors for our church. 

1.) We’re starting a group called United to reach the university. 

2.) We’re planning a summer VBS group to reach children and families. 

3.) We’re planning a divorce recovery small group to reach wounded people in the community. 

Which of these opportunities are you most excited about?  Which of these open doors would you like to help with?  Share with your group.

I hope this helps. Enjoy your groups this week.


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