New Sermon Series: Living in 3D.


This weekend we’ll be starting a new three week sermon series. It’s called Living in 3D, and it’s a how-to series on Sharing Christ.

A lot of folks are uncomfortable with the idea of sharing Christ.  This series will help clear up some confusion on what Sharing Christ really means. Don’t worry. We’re not talking about open air preaching, giving tracts to strangers, arguing with family and friends, or boasting about how great our lives are with God.

And a lot of folks feel ill-equipped with the idea of sharing Christ. This series will give us a simple, biblical approach we can all use to share our faith.  Sharing Christ is not rocket science. And we’re not going for the latest fads here at St. Paul’s. We’ll be using a simple approach the church has used for thousands of years.

 I hope that by the end of this series we all are comfortable and equipped to share our faith with those around us.  After all it’s part of our mission as a church: Loving God, Loving Neighbors, Sharing Christ, Building Believers.


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