Sunday’s Set – 2/12/2012

Hey everyone! ??

This is a new blog series I will be posting weekly listing the songs we as a worship team played the previous Sunday. ??I will try to have the blog up the following Monday or Tuesday. ??If I can find Youtube clips of the songs, I will post those as well! ??My hope is that this will educate you all on new songs we are introducing as well as answer any questions you might have about what songs we played and who they were by. ??Enjoy!

You, You are God – Gateway Worship

Sing to the King – Billy Foote (video version by City Praz)

All Creatures of Our God and King -????Francis of Assisi (version we did was by David Crowder)

At the Cross – Hillsong

From the Inside Out – Hillsong

And Unfortunately, I cannot find a video for ??the last song we did: Our Eyes Long by Antioch Community Church.

—Nick Santostefano


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