Living in 3D: Small Group Questions.

Some of our small groups will be reviewing and applying Sunday’s message each week in their study and discussion. This blog is for them. But even if your group is studying something else, you may want to ask yourselves these questions for your own benefit. This blog is for you, too.


Sermon Recap:  Living in 3D. We are called to Share Christ.  How do we do that?  We live in 3D: We develop friendships, we discover stories, and we discern next steps. Developing friendships opens the door to sharing Christ. Friendships are natural; we all have them and it’s natural to share good things with our good friends. Friendships are personal; we listen to our friends because we know they have our best interests at heart. 


Here’s one suggested Discussion question:

  • Who first shared Christ with you?  Share with your group. 


Here are some suggested Application Related questions: 

  • Question One:  Too busy?  What are three things you’re going to stop doing this spring?  Share with your group.
  • Question Two: Have some friends who don’t know Jesus?  Which of these friendships would you like to develop this spring?  Share with your group. 
  • Question Three: Don’t know any people who don’t know Jesus? What hobby are you going to pursue to have some fun and meet new people? Share with your group.  

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