He is King: For Small Groups

Some of our small groups will be reviewing and applying Sunday's message each week in their study and discussion. This blog is for them. But even if your group is studying something else, you may want to ask yourselves these questions for your own benefit. This blog is for you, too.

Sermon Recap

Jesus is King.?? That???s the message of Palm Sunday.?? But he???s a different kind of King.?? He???s the King of Mercy.?? King Jesus asks what his subjects need and then gives them what they need.?? He???s the King of Peace.?? King Jesus expands his kingdom by offering peace not war.?? He???s the King of Justice.?? King Jesus sends corruption, commercialism, and hypocrisy packing.?? The world needs a King like Jesus.?? The world has a King like Jesus.?? And so do we.??

Matthew 20:29-34, Matthew 21:1-11, Zechariah 9:9-10, Matthew 21:12-17

Sermon Application Questions

1.????????????What are you asking the King of Mercy for??? What???s your need?

2.????????????What are you seeking the King of Peace for??? Where do you lack peace?

3.????????????What???s the King of Justice trying to expel from your life??? Will you co-operate?


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