Celebration Sunday Continued: A Small Tribute to Elaine Chague!

From Vicki Oldham:

Our community is only as strong as our individual walk with Christ. In the spirit of continuing to acknowledge people who have strengthened our body at SPC, I just want to say thank you to someone who has faithfully prayed over the prayer cards without any thought of time restraint or cost of emotional investment. She continues to pray for them throughout the week whenever they are brought to her mind.

She has embarked on her own faith journey that would have made most of us throw in the towel and head for less rough terrain. She has bravely confronted ghosts of the past and looked directly at personal weaknesses and past regrets with courage and honesty and transparency that few of us could summon.

She has honored those of us on the prayer team by sharing this rugged road through writing and verbal testimony to the working and tilling of The Spirit of Christ. She has recognized lies and called them what they are and taken a stand for Christ amidst doubt, fear and staggering odds against her in the natural. She has put her hand in Jesus’ and asked Him lead her through forgiveness, trust, faith and strength with the discipline of daily scripture reading, meditation and prayer. And, she continues the journey.

Thank you, Elaine. You continue to be an inspiration and a testimony. We are stronger in our body because of you. I pray that you never give up and that you  press even deeper in to the heart of Jesus, until you cannot press any further and that He keeps His fire burning with in you.

This scripture makes me think of you: ”My God, I want to do what you want. Your teachings are in my heart.”  (Psalm 40:8)

Way to Go, Elaine! Thanks for serving! We couldn’t have done it without you!


2 Comments on “Celebration Sunday Continued: A Small Tribute to Elaine Chague!”

  1. Bob Jeram says:

    Elaine also has a heart for mission that I appreciate. Thank you Elaine!

  2. Zara says:

    Amen. You are an inspiration, Elaine.

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