This Week at St. Paul’s!

We’ve got some info to share with you all. Here’s what happening at St. Paul’s this week!

  • Small Groups Start: Small groups are the backbone of our community; join one. You can see the list here. Feel free to email a group leader to ask questions. 
  • Membership Meeting: On Wednesday, June 6th at 7PM, we’re having our next Membership Meeting, and we’ll be voting on next year’s budget. Dinner will be provided (BBQ!), and all are welcome.
  • Other Meetings: We will be having a meeting to talk about VBS (tonight, 6/4 at 7PM), and about United (6/5 at 8 PM). If you are interested in helping out in these outreach activities, please come!
  • Membership Reaffirmation: At our next Sunday Service (6/10 at 4 PM), we’ll be having our annual Membership Reaffirmation. Please come!

Have a fantastic week everyone; Godspeed!


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