Going Both Ways: Worship and Response.


A couple weeks ago, the weekend service team got together to talk about dairy farming in the Midwest. Just kidding: we talked about weekend service stuff, mainly Sundays and worship. And you may think we on the weekend service team talk about this stuff all the time, or at least, once a month when we have our weekend service team meetings.

But this meeting was a little different.

And it was very important, actually. 

We had to do homework: We read two books, one that was nice and short (Revolve) and one that was nice and longer (Engage), both from Nelson Searcy and Jason Hatley. These books were both great. Revolve was focused on the way we as members of a congregation should view worship: it isn’t about us; it’s about God, and focusing our praise and worship on him. Engage was geared more towards the people who structure the worship service (namely: pastor and worship pastor), and creating a service that facilitates worship, growth, and outreach (basically a healthy church).

But we started out in God’s Word: When it came down to it, though, the meeting could be summed up pretty simply: Worship is about Response. Vince had us read Isaiah 6 together; in it, Isaiah sees God, and sees the seraphim worshipping Him. And it turns into a back and forth kind of thing: God reveals Himself as Holy to Isaiah, Isaiah responds by saying (to paraphrase) “woe to me! For I am a sinner!” God responds by sending an angel to cleanse Isaiah’s lips (and He atones for him), and then God asks: “Who will I send?” and Isaiah responds: “Send me.”

Worship is Revelation and Response:

  1. God reveals Himself. 
  2. We change our direction (by asking for forgiveness, by focusing our attention and worship on Him and not ourselves).
  3. God responds to us.
  4. We respond to him. 

And in case you haven’t noticed, I’ll point it out: this could go on and on, over and over again, because (as we say every week once our service is over) our worship never ends!

We planned for the future: So I will spare you the hours of work and sum things up from here: we worked together on this coming year’s calendar, and we also talked about the ways we as a team can faciliate St. Paul’s continued growth. We discussed what we do well, what needs work, what might be missing. 

But after this discussion, one thing that we all came to a consensus on is that St. Paul’s is a Christ-centered church. And because of this, God is working through us, and has great things in store for us. But this isn’t a one-way street: God is revealing Himself to us, and we need to respond to Him.

We were created to worship, and by doing what we were created to do, God will be made known through St. Paul’s Church. 


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