One Makes A Difference and Can Anyone Pitch?


Our church softball team started out 3-0.  Now we are 3-3.  The difference?  Pitching. 

It’s funny.  When we were 3-0 we thought we were awesome.  Turns out it was not “we” but “he.”  It was our pitcher who was awesome.  But he got a new job and can’t play anymore and now we’ve lost three straight.  Cue the violins.   

During our undefeated phase our pitcher never walked batters.  He struck them out.  Yes, he struck people out in slow pitch softball.  I have no idea how.    

He also pitched to contact phenomenally well.  Instead of regularly giving up homeruns and doubles he induced weak grounders and pop-ups.  Again, I have no idea how.

Thursday night we lost.  I pitched.  Again our team trotted out a new pitcher.  I gave up 15 or so runs in less than two innings.  That’s very, very bad.  I basically single-handedly lost the game for us.  I don’t think I’ll be pitching again soon.

But it made me remember how important one person can be to a team.  One makes a difference.  With our pitcher we were awesome.  Without him we are not awesome.  One makes a difference.  That’s true in softball and true in life.

Also important:  CAN ANYONE PITCH?  Seriously.  If anyone at St. Paul’s is a competent slow pitch softball pitcher, we need you ASAP to turn this season around.      



One Comment on “One Makes A Difference and Can Anyone Pitch?”

  1. Vincent Gierer says:

    Nick S. read the blog, heeded the call, and took the mound. We won big tonight backed by a GREAT pitching performance. Nice job Nick!!!

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