Who Needs Words?

Rarely do words fail me. ??In fact, usually it's quite the opposite. ??I always try to find the right words for the moment. ??Like a less dapper Don Draper. ??But, recently, my words were unexpectedly and suddenly stolen from the very Thesaurus Rex I keep tucked inside my soul. ??

A little back story… ??Last Tuesday my younger brother, Jesse, and I flew to Las Vegas. ??No, we didn't take our tithe, put it all on Red and let it ride… ??We were helping my older sister, Emily move cross-country, back home to CT where she belongs. ??We packed up all her possessions??into a 14 foot U-Haul and headed out, eastward into the desert. ??

Six hours later, around Flagstaff, AZ we had an important decision to make: ??Continue driving to stay on our 12-hour-per-day schedule, or take an hour detour to The Grand Canyon and adding a full day to our trek. ??As Jesse so exactly put it, "When will we ever get the chance to do this again?" ??Grand Canyon it is.

The way they have laid out the park at the Southern Rim of the Grand Canyon, you would never know there is a gigantic hole there. ??The visitors' center and facilities hide what lies beyond and the landscaping slopes upward so you have no glimpse of it until you are right on top of it. ??

And then you see it. ??And your mouth hangs open. ??

No Ansel Adams picture I have ever seen comes close to capturing the??magnificence and vastness of The Grand Canyon. ??In fact, "Grand" doesn't even do it justice. ??It is absurd. ??It just goes on and on.??Trying hard to focus your eyes and scan the floor of the magnificent crevice you can barely make out a detail due to its depth. ??You can see the opposite rim to the North but whether a Fiat or a Jumbo Jet is parked there, you'd have no clue. ??Peering down the length you see crest after crest, contour after contour disappearing like waves in the ocean. ??The details of which becoming obscured by the very moisture that builds up in the air between the facades and your retinas.??
Days after being awestruck, we met up with some old friends in VA (Stephen and Kelly Barry) to have a light, relaxing day of wine tastings in the Shenandoah Valley beneath the Blue Ridge Mountains before making the final push home the next day. ??As we sat at dinner I tried and failed to capture the Grand Canyon in words. ??I heard my voice describing the vastness, the depth, the??unbelievable-ness of it all and I stopped mid-sentence not knowing whether I was describing the canyon or the One who created it. ??

Sometimes the??vernacular??we use as ??Christians can seem a tad silly. ??Especially to non-believers. ??We use words like 'awesome' and 'great.' ??But, when these words are truly used to their full potential, they are anything but silly. ??When I stand before The Maker, what words will I use then? ??The enormity of His love and provision makes The Grand Canyon look like a crack in a sidewalk.

The irony is that we often go to God with our life and death problems, but we have fooled ourselves into believing He can't handle our tiny fears or our little sins. ??We serve a God that is SO big… but He isn't bigger than this little fear I have that has been pestering me for years. ??We belong to a God whose Love is SO steadfast… ??but it isn't wide enough to cover this little sin that I am shackled to. ??Or we don't think our trouble is important enough to bring to the Almighty.

My sister moved home because she recently went through a divorce. ??At 31 she is starting over nearly from scratch as a single mother. ??Right now, her problems and worries could easily fill that hole we gazed upon. ??But God is bigger. ??God is greater. ??

As I think on all the words that might be used to describe Our Father, maybe the best one is 'Complete.' ??Big, small, trivial, shameful, nagging, new or routine… ??Whatever you are dealing with, whatever is on your heart, Our God's sovereignty over it is Complete.




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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just shared this on my FB page. Thanks!

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