Many Thanks!

Hello St. Paul’s Blog Readers/Contributors:

First off: thanks to everyone for reading, writing, commenting, liking, etc. Since our blog re-launch a year ago, we’ve gotten great feedback, both online and in person, and we’ve also had a whole bunch of fantastic posts from Vince, from staff, from regulars, and from the occasional contributor here and there.

We welcome anyone who is interested or is gifted in the way of writing to join in. Have an interesting thought pertaining to a sermon? Have you had a recent spiritual experience you’d like to share? Are you excited about something you see God doing in our church community? Do you have a nagging question that you’d like to discuss with other people somehow? Please join in; we’d love to have your post on our blog. 


We do have some basic rules and guidelines for you all. And guidelines are good: we want this blog to glorify God, build His Kingdom up, and build one another up. I think we have all seen how blogs can often be hurtful and destructive, and we do not want St. Paul’s blog to be like that. 

The Rules:

  1. Keep it positive! You may have a problem with someone/some institution, and there is a place for rebuke in Christian community (Matthew 18:15-19), but that place is not the blog. 
  2. Acknowledge Diversity! It takes all kinds to make a world… and we have all kinds at St. Paul’s; this means not everyone subscribes to the same politics, opinions, tastes, etc. And again, while there is a place for debate in the Christian community, that place is not the blog (or the pulpit, either!) 
  3. Keep it Free and Public! This is a free, public forum; therefore we do not want to ask for money, push agendas, or advertise non-church related projects/events. There is a place for this sort of information (ie. church bulletin board), but again, not on the blog. 
  4. Have Fun! I don’t think this needs an explanation. 

So there you have it! We hope that you will continue to visit here, and we hope to continue with another great blogging year. And if you would like to become a contributor (regularly or sporadically), we’d love to hear from you!

Happy Reading, and God Bless,


The St. Paul’s Communications Team. 



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