Hey, Dad!


Last week, Emma taught on how we are adopted children of God. The same special relationship Jesus had with the Father, we have too. Jesus prayed Abba, Father and so can we.

And so for the last week I’ve been starting my prayers “Hey Dad!”  A few things have happened. 

First, I’ve been praying more. I think this happens every time I think about prayer. If I think about something, it happens more. 

Second, I’ve enjoyed prayer more. Sometimes prayer is a bore. But rarely is talking to my Dad a bore. Starting my prayers with Hey Dad has simply made my prayers more enjoyable. 

And third, I’ve found myself saying “Thanks, Dad” more as well.

How about you?  Have you tried praying Abba Father as Paul tells us to? Have you tried praying “Hey Dad”? If so, how was it?



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