Wrong and Miserable.


What happened to all your joy?  Galatians 4:15a

What we believe matters.  The Galatians believed they had to earn God’s favor. They were wrong.  God’s favor can’t be earned.  It can only be given in Christ.  And this wrong belief was making the Galatians miserable. 

And so Paul does something rather interesting. Paul makes an argument from experience. Paul basically says to the Galatians you used to believe the gospel and it made you feel good. Now you believing something else and it makes you feel bad. You’re both wrong and miserable. And your misery should tell you something.

The good news of the authentic gospel makes us feel good. The bad news of counterfeit gospels makes us feel bad. So if we’re feeling bad we may want to ask ourselves: what are we believing?

“What are you believing?” and “What happened to your joy?” are really the same question.



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