Discern.Pursue.Crucify: Next Steps From Sunday

In Sunday’s message we learned about our freedom in Christ.

In Christ we are free from the have-tos of legalism.  But we are not free to do whatever we want.  The want tos of the libertines is also slavery.  In Christ we are free to pursue a life with God.  That’s our freedom in Christ.

On a practical level I suggested this habit: Discern your heart.  Pursue your desires provided they are good or neutral.  Ask God to crucify those desires which are bad. 

There is tremendous freedom in living this way.  It’s a life without rules for this that and the other thing.  It’s a life of following the Spirit which is transforming, guiding and directing you.

So try living a life of freedom this week.  Discern desires.  Pursue the good/neutral ones.  Ask God to crucify the bad ones.  Live free.


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