Sermon Recap

Worship is like Ballroom dancing.  God leads, we follow.  Heaven calls, the earth answers.  God reveals and we respond.  This is the pattern of worship.

Isaiah chapter six follows this pattern. 

There are three revelations/responses.  The first revelation is the unceasing worship in heaven around God the King.  And so anytime, anywhere on earth we can join in with the heavenly worship of God the King.  The second revelation is the unimaginable holiness of God.  And so we stand in awe of the otherness/difference/set-apartness of God.  The third revelation is God’s unending work on earth.  And so we say:  Here I am, send me.

Worship is like Ballroom dancing.  God leads/we follow.  And worship is like a high school chemistry experiment.  Things change when you put them together.  In a chemistry experiment the catalyst is the element causes the reaction, causes the change but does not change itself.  Worship changes things.  It changes us.  It changes our environment.  It does not change God.  He’s the catalyst.  He starts the whole reaction in the first place.  

Did you miss Sunday’s service? Listen to the sermon audio here



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