Next Steps From Sunday

On Sunday we talked about achieving a godly vision.  Here are some practical next steps for you.

Fully Participate in Choice Campaign.  Purchase and read Life’s Healing Choices by John Baker.  Join a Choice small group and commit to going.  Come to church Sundays for the next eight consecutive weeks.  You’ll get out of this campaign what you put it.  It’s your choice.  Choose well.

Sign up & Show Up for Retreat.  If you don’t yet have a vision for your life, this retreat is for you.  If your vision could use defining and refining this retreat is for you.  In short this retreat is for everyone.  Without vision people perish.  Don’t perish.  Come to the retreat.  Get your vision.

Prayer of Submission.  Submit yourself to God in prayer.  And continue to do so. 

Identify Hurt/Hang-up/Habit.  Ask God:  What is the hurt/hang-up/habit that needs to be put death in my life?  Ask God and wait in prayer for an answer.  Ask God and read his word for an answer.  Ask God and ask his people for an answer. 

Take an Acorn.  Death/Life/Harvest.  Burial/Birth/Abundance.  Crucifixion/Resurrection/Multiplication.  This is how God works on earth.  The acorn represents this reality.  Take one and put it where you can see it as a reminder.  Unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a single seed.  But if it dies, it produces many seeds.  


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