Next Steps from Sunday: the Commitment Choice.

On Sunday, we gave you three ways you can take next steps in this week’s Choice: Commitment. 

A Prayer of Submission.  “Lord I submit myself totally and exclusively to you.  In every area of my life, in every moment of my life I submit myself to you.  Lord I submit myself to you knowing that you are good and you have what’s best for me.”

Prayer of Examination.  “Lord examine me, search me, test me. I open my heart, my mind, my will for you to examine. Reveal to me what offends you so I can repent, confess, and restore my relationship with you and my brothers and sisters.”

Receiving from Pastor. I can help you. I’m offering to meet with everyone in the church to discuss what hurt, hang-up, habit they need to put to death. I will help you. And if your hurt, hang-up, bad habit is so bad that you are in danger to yourself and others, I will tell you even if you don’t want to hear it.  


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