Sermon Recap: Redeeming and Redeemed

Sunday we looked at the last of Joseph’s Wild Grandmothers:  Bathsheba. There’s only one Bathsheba, but there are three very different takes on her.  

  1. Some people think she’s the Femme Fatale.  Bathsheba is a villain and is responsible for everything that goes wrong.  But this interpretation simply does not fit the actual story of David and Bathsheba. 
  2. Others think she’s the Compliant Queen.  Bathsheba is a victim and is responsible for nothing.  But this interpretation does not fit the overall context of her story.
  3. And still others think she’s the Wiley Wife.  Bathsheba is responsible for her own choices.  This fits both the details of the story and the overall context.

The best take on Bathsheba is possibility #3. It’s that simple. 

  • Bathsheba sins: She makes a bad choice with David. 
  • Bathsheba suffers: She suffers greatly for her choice. 
  • But ultimately Bathsheba redeems and is redeemed: It is to Bathsheba’s credit that King Solomon (God’s choice for King) ascends to the throne and begins his reign securely with no rivals. And while David and Bathsheba’s relationship couldn’t have a worse beginning, God redeems it by providing the next (good) King of Israel through this couple.

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