Overwhelming Love.

From Brandon Hawk.

For me, the greatest part of visiting Mexico was fellowship–with the people, and with God. Over and over, I experienced relationships in ways difficult to describe but that resonated with the type of fellowship to which God calls us.

The most powerful experience I had was on Sunday evening at Jezreel Methodist Church. That night, Vince and I encountered a young boy (around 4-5 years old) when we first arrived, and we had a little conversation with him in Spanish. We were, of course, very proud of ourselves that we could handle enough Spanish to get through a couple of simple questions & answers with him. A few minutes later, the little boy brought his mother over to introduce us when they entered the church. As they sat down, I saw the boy’s father joined them, and the little boy kept looking back at us for a few minutes.

Although that was a fun experience on its own, God had more in store for me and that family that evening.
After our team had presented an introduction to the Choices Campaign, Roy shared some great words about the mourning of people’s hearts and offered an invitation to come to the front for prayer over their lamentations. As the prayer started, our team began to move into the crowd to pray for the people.

Directly in front of me was the boy’s father, and I began to pray with him as he wept.

After a few minutes, I had a sudden and overwhelming feeling to pray for both him and his wife together. As I looked up, I recognized her standing a few feet away in the crowd, so I took her arm and guided her to join us. As the two of them held each other, they wept; I wept with them; and the three of us prayed. Although I didn’t (and still don’t) know exactly what they needed, I knew that God had brought the three of us together. And I know that God saw their tears, heard their lamentations, received our prayers, and responded.

Love overwhelming descended upon us.



One Comment on “Overwhelming Love.”

  1. Ken Buch says:

    Great experience Brandon. Now you know what I mean when I say I never come back from a Mission Trip sorry that I went. I always receive more than I give.Ken

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