A Poem.

From Ken Buch. 

Earlier this week I flew to Iowa to attend a funeral for my uncle who passed on at age 86.  I had a chance to see cousins I had not seen in 50 years.  I was embarrassed by the decades that had passed without contact and it would have been easy for me to not go and continue with the lack of contact with many of my relatives.  But I was moved to go and I am glad that I did.  

While in Iowa, I took the opportunity to visit my mother in law.  Amy is 90 and sometimes has trouble remembering things.  But she welcomed me and my sister and told me she had written a poem for us.  I was moved by her writing and would like to share that poem with you:


One by one our loved ones leave

leaving loved ones behind to grieve.

Though they are left here to bereave,

they know that believers Jesus will receive.

But the sorrowing ones below,

some day to heaven they too will go.

Home in heaven a beautiful place,

seeing Jesus face to face.

Jesus built us a beautiful home

from which we never will roam.

Those who left will meet us there,

Jesus meets us in the air.


Amy Aldrich – 2013


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