Sermon Recap: Signs – the Official’s Son.

Our  story goes like this: 

Local boy (Jesus) does good! 

A father pleads help. 

Jesus gives him a hard time. 

The boy lives! 

The End. 

Most of the story makes perfect sense except for this: Jesus gives this desperate dad a hard time.

Why?  If Jesus is going to heal the boy anyway then why give this poor man a hard time first?

There are two reasons according to the text. 

First, Jesus challenges the father to authentic faith.  Seeing is believing is not faith.  Believing is seeing is faith.  Go and then you’ll see. Jesus challenges the father to display authentic faith. 

Second, Jesus challenges the father to a greater vision. This Dad wants his son to live. He wants Jesus to save his son. Jesus wants the whole family to live eternally. Jesus wants to save the whole family.

Jesus is hard on us for a reason too. Jesus wants us to have authentic faith. Jesus wants us to see His greater vision. We worship a challenging savior.

To hear the sermon in full, click here.


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