Sermon Recap: Signs: Water Walk

John 6:16-21

Jesus walks on water.  This is a story everyone knows but few understand.  Here we have a divine sign from a divine savior.  Here we have a theophany: an appearance of God.  And in this passage we see that Jesus has three specific attributes of God.

  1. Jesus has God’s name.  God’s identifies himself to Moses as “I am.”  Jesus identifies himself to his disciples as “I am.”  They both have the same name.
  2. Jesus has God’s power.  God is said to tread over waves in Job.  Jesus treads over waves in John.  What God does, Jesus did.
  3. Jesus has God’s prerogative. Jesus appears when and where he will (in the middle of a lake in the middle of the night). Jesus brings chaos and order. Jesus is a disruptive and constructive person.

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