Sermon Recap: Signs — Man Born Blind.

John 9:1-41

Jesus heals a man born blind.  It’s a polarizing sign.  It pits neighbor against neighbor, Pharisee against Pharisee, the once-blind man against his parents, the once-blind man against the Pharisees, and the nation against the nation. 

Some people say Jesus is from God because he healed this man.  Other people say Jesus is not from God because he healed this man on the Sabbath.  People are divided by this sign.

Jesus is a polarizing savior.  Why?  

Reason #1: Because of who human beings already are. There are two kinds of people.  There are people who seek light/truth/exposure and are attracted to Jesus.  But there are also people who resist light/truth/exposure and are repelled by Jesus.  Jesus doesn’t create this division.  Jesus simply makes this split visible.

Reason #2: Because of what Jesus came to do. Jesus came to judge and save.  Judgment and salvation are two side of the same coin.  When God appears he separates the persecuted from their persecutors.  He vindicates the victims.  He judges the perpetrators.


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